Encrypted Communications

Encrypted Mobile Communications
for Individuals and Businesses

Secure Messaging


Security and Control Across All Channels

Secure Applications

Our secure communication apps encrypt your email, chat, calls and application storage to protect you from data leaks, and man in the middle attacks.

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Secure Phone

Secure Phone provides 360° security and turns your phone into a fortress. It protects your communication, connection, storage, applications, and passwords.

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Communication Management

Exercise granular control over your device’s security for worry-free communication. Customize the apps, software, OS, and hardware components and functionality.

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Your Phone Doesn’t Have to be Your Weakest Link.

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All Industries Require Privacy to Operate


Protect your R&D activities and guarantee that no data leaks happen and eventually lead to compromised operations.

Consulting & Accounting

Secure your clients’ data from cyber criminals and violators, and preserve the integrity of their privacy and business.


Ensure an undisturbed flow of operations by turning all channels of communication into an impenetrable fortress.

Privacy Advocate

Help your cause and ensure confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, as well as availability of data among advocate members.

Finance & Banking

Control the security of the communication inside your institution and make sure that no information ends up in the wrong hands.

Security & Defense

Facilitate and secure critical communications. Prevent compromising the safety of individuals and enterprises.

Our Support is Like No Other

Our competent, accessible, and timely support guarantees the smooth operations of our apps and seamless user experience.


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