De-Googled Pixel Device


In today's modern world, data security and privacy has become an increasingly important factor in our day-to-day lives. Our De-Googled Pixel devices are built to protect your information by utilizing a secure, privacy focused operating system with our custom configuration that results in strong digital identity protection, decoupled from the google ecosystem. This allows you to take complete control over your information.

For optimal performance, security and software update support we recommend purchasing a Pixel 7 or Newer. All devices are either new or like-new condition, if you have a specific request, please reach out to us at prior to placing an order.

By default, each device is loaded with GrapheneOS, security focused settings and parameters as well and a suite of popular applications including VPN, app stores, productivity and communication apps. We can tailor each device to the user's preference if needed. Just reach out to us at for any inquiries!

GrapheneOS is a private and secure mobile operating system with great functionality and usability. It starts from the strong baseline of the Android Open Source Project and takes great care to avoid increasing attack surface or hurting the strong security model. 

GrapheneOS makes substantial improvements to both privacy and security through many carefully designed features built to function against real adversaries. The project cares a lot about usability and app compatibility so those are taken into account for all of our features. GrapheneOS is focused on substance rather than branding and marketing. It doesn't take the typical approach of piling on a bunch of insecure features depending on the adversaries not knowing about them and regressing actual privacy/security. It's a very technical project building privacy and security into the OS rather than including assorted unhelpful frills or bundling subjective third party apps choices.